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2024 Vacance Event

July 4, 2024

Dear players,


After the maintenance on July 4 2024, a special event will be coming to Flyff!


Please look below for the event details:


Starts: July 4, 2024 after the maintenance

Ends: August 13, 2024 before the maintenance


During this event, players with level 20 or above can enter a special event dungeon that can earn EXP and rewards! This dungeon can be entered by the event NPC “Anna” which is located in each town.


You can enter the dungeon only as a solo-player and the dungeon has 3 difficulty levels depending on your character level: Easy (Lv. 20 to 60), Medium (Lv. 61 to 100), Hard (Lv. 101 or above)


You can exit the dungeon by using a portal but cannot re-enter. The dungeon level will be automatically set based on the character level. This dungeon can only be entered once per day and the daily reset will occur at 00:00 (server time).


As you defeat the monsters within the dungeon, you can earn special rewards such as “[Event] Softshell Crab”. By using the [Event] Softshell Crab item, you can earn Catalysts and buff items.


Here is the item list for “[Event] Softshell Crab” :


The [Event] Creper monster has a certain chance of dropping the [Event] Softshell Crab item while the [Event] Violet Creper monster has 100% chance of dropping 5 of the event item.


The event NPC Anna also provides items that can be traded including the event item Sea Shell.


Here are the details of the Sea Shell items:


After trading the Sea Shell items, players can attempt to upgrade the Sea Shell items from the event NPC Anna and this upgrade requires the Catalyst or Low Catalyst items which can be earned from the [Event] Softshell Crab item, with the Catalyst item having a higher probability to upgrade than the Low Catalyst item.


Here are the details related to the Sea Shell upgrade:


This event upgrade is only active during the event period and probability correction based on the number of upgrade attempts (i.e. the pity system) is not applied to event upgrades. Sea Shell items will be destroyed on failure, but can prevent it by using Scroll of SProtect. Players can use Low Scroll of SProtect, but if you use Low Scroll of SProtect, the upgrade level will decrease like other upgrades using Low Scroll of SProtect when the upgrade fails.


As you upgrade the Sea Shell event items to a certain level, players can exchange it to event NPC Anna for valuable rewards.


Here is the exchange reward list:

The Vacation costume items (Vacation Wet Suit, Vacation Surf Board) are all from Big Wave Surfing Set.


Here is the item list for “[Event] Anna's Gift Box” :


Please note that all unused event items will be removed after the event period ends, so make sure to use all event items as possible.


All event upgrades from 2024 Vacance Event are not affected by weekend boosting events.


Enjoy the summer with Flyff!


Thank you.

Posted on July 4, 2024

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